The Flu this year is worse than the past few years. In past years, the most serious cases occurred in patients who other illness (asthma, diabetes, cancer) or the elderly.  This year, many of the severe cases are occurring in otherwise healthy people. That is not good at all.

    It is affecting all ages but is difficult to predict which patients will be hit hard and which not so hard.

    Prevention occurs if you do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth because you are being exposed as you shake hands and exchange money at stores etc.   Get the flu vaccine asap.

    If you start to feel ill, see your doctor and start pushing fluids and rest.  Avoid spreading by a mask or keep 4 feet distance from others.

    You will not get the flu from the flu shot.  It is a dead virus vaccine so it is IMPOSSIBLE to get the flu from it.  A very small percentage of people feel a little ill, but that is a good thing…feeling a bit achy means your immune system is responding to the vaccine and building up flu germ antibodies.