There are many reasons as to why people may lose teeth.  There may be infection, gum disease, accident or injury could have occurred, among other reasons.  And when teeth are removed, a number of problems can occur.  The remaining teeth may shift, rotate, or create an improper bite.  It may be embarrassing or cause difficulty when eating or speaking.  Dental implants, when properly done, can eliminate these problems.

    Some questions to consider when thinking about dental implants are as follows:

    1. Am I missing teeth?
    2. Do I lack confidence when I speak, eat, chew or smile?
    3. Do I ever have trouble chewing or speaking properly?
    4. Are my teeth loose or do I have advanced gum disease?
    5. Do I have dentures that do not fit properly or cause soreness?
    6. Am I missing any bone under my dentures?
    7. Am I having trouble with crowns or bridges?
    8. Is anything – teeth, crowns, or bridges – loose or moving?
    9. Will I work with my dentist and oral surgeon to go to my follow-up appointments and ensure I’m taking good care of my dental implants?
    10. Do I feel my life would improve if the look and function of my teeth were improved?