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How Contagious Am I?video

Watch Family Physician Dr. Richard Honaker answers the question,"How contagious am I?"

Family Physician Dr. Richard Honaker explains the different types of Meningitis.
How Long are you Contagious?video

Family Physician Dr. Richard Honaker explains how long you can stay contagious, depending on what the illness is.
Heart Disease in Womenvideo

Dr. Annie Varughese talks about the dangers of heart disease in women.
Valvular Diseasevideo

Dr. Annie Varughese with the Advanced Cardiovascular Care Center talks about valvular disease.
Symptoms of Bad Diseasesvideo

Dr. Richard Honaker talks about the signs and symptoms for those suffering from severe diseases.
Coronary Heart Disease Treatmentvideo

Houston Cardiologist Dr. Annie Varughese explains how coronary disease can grow into a life threatening situation and how it can be treated. Thomas began experiencing chest pains from a heart attack and was immediately sent to the hospital where he died on the table. Dr. Varughese was able to resuscitate Thomas and get him on the track to a healthier lifestyle.