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Ablation Therapyvideo

Dr. Annie Varughese talk about ablation therapy, a treatment used to treat heart arrhythmias.
Atrial Fibrilationvideo

Dr. Annie Varughese explains, what is atrial fibrilation?
External Counter Pulsation Therapyvideo

Dr. Annie Varughese talks about the benefits of ECP Therapy and how it can help you maintain an healthy heart.
Natural Therapy for Cholesterolvideo

Dr. Annie Varughese talks about how to naturally lower your cholesterol.
Valvular Diseasevideo

After Gary learned he had a a couple of minor strokes, he was recommended to visit a cardiologist and check his heart condition. Watch as Gary talks about how Dr. Varughese saved his life after noticing a major problem with his heart.
Advanced Lipid Testingvideo

Houston Cardiologist Dr. Annie Varughese talks about the importance of advanced lipid testing, and how it can detect early diabetes, insulin resistance and your risk for having a heart attack.
Coronary Heart Disease Treatmentvideo

Houston Cardiologist Dr. Annie Varughese explains how coronary disease can grow into a life threatening situation and how it can be treated. Thomas began experiencing chest pains from a heart attack and was immediately sent to the hospital where he died on the table. Dr. Varughese was able to resuscitate Thomas and get him on the track to a healthier lifestyle.