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G. Lewis Veneers with Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Guy Lewisvideo

Patient Kayla had always dreamed of having a radiant smile that would light up a room. Unfortunately, she wasn't happy with how her smile...
Smile Makeover – Ed’s Storyvideo

Watch Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Guy Lewis talk about improving Ed's smile with just a couple of visits. Ed was encouraged by his wife to improve the health and appearance of his teeth as a preventative measure for other health issues. Watch Ed talk about how Dr. Lewis was able to transform his smile completely and improve his quality of life.
Smile Makeover – Georgianne’s Storyvideo

Watch Dr. Guy M. Lewis talk about the Smile Makeover procedure. Georgianne wasn't happy with the way her teeth looked and struggled to get them white again. Watch Georgianne talk about how she chose to have Dr. Lewis improve her smile.